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Enjoy a perfect stay and dining experience in our five-star Thai resort. Located near the beach, we provide a perfect holiday destination. Our combination of continental and local cuisines will ensure the best quality dining while you relax in our resort.
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About Us

Welcome To Reflections Thai

Spend an exotic vacation away from the traffic and pollution. Our calming environment will create the best accommodation that you can expect on your exotic holiday. Make your reservations today and receive a warm welcome from our team on your arrival.

Only the Best

Good Time, Great Taste

We provide the best taste of Thailand at our finest restaurants. Explore the best food and a quality ambiance while you enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Restaurant And Bars

Explore our restaurants and try out the best cuisines prepared by our world-class chefs.

Events & Meetings

We have the best facilities and accommodations for professional and family events.

24H Room Service

We will just right at your doorstep for anything that you need and make sure all your requirements are fulfilled.

Luxury Accommodation

We have world-class accommodation that completes your travel itinerary with a range of activities, amenities, and packages that keep you comfortable.

5 Star Facilities & Services

We fulfill every requirement to stay at the highest levels of what a five-star resort can offer. Explore our brochure to learn about our programs.

Delicious Foods

Explore our menu for a satisfying dining experience in your hotel room or at one of our fine-dining restaurants.


What People Are Saying

“Carl I Andrews”

“The best place for business tourists who also want relaxing accommodation while they are in Thailand.”

“Celia N Shuford”

“Thank you for offering some of the best offering care and facilities to my family. We had a great time. “

“Blake W Canfield”

“I want to appreciate the entire staff who helped me provide the right hospitality that I needed while I worked on my project. “

“Arturo S Gates”

“We are sure glad that we found a room in the last moments. I could not expect everything to fall into place when the hotel staff took care of everything. “

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